Download Google Chrome 15.0.874.24 Dev Offline Installer

Google Chrome 15.0.874.24 Dev - a browser, which provides a convenient, fast and safe operation of the Internet, which is to make a simplified design. Google Chrome 15.0.874.24 Dev is a web browser developed by Google. A browser designed to enhance your experience while surfing the Internet. An excellent alternative to Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Opera.

Efficiency and speed

In Google Chrome 15.0.874.24 Dev is rewarded efficiency and minimalism. Your environment shows only the basic controls for navigating the Internet. But under the simplified environment, Google Chrome 15.0.874.24 Dev hides three interesting features: an innovative system of tabs, an address bar with integrated browser and a short window to provide you access to your favorite pages.

Without doubt, one of the features that make Google Chrome 15.0.874.24 Dev a browser different from the rest is its system of tabs. As in Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox you can open different tabs to see different pages in one window.
The novelty is that these tabs are completely independent processes. If a page Google Chrome 15.0.874.24 Dev crashes or generates errors, you can close it without affecting other open tabs.

Innovative Features
Referring to the address bar, Google Chrome 15.0.874.24 Dev takes a step further by integrating a Mozilla browser. Google Chrome 15.0.874.24 Dev speeds the entry of the address showing the most viewed pages, different query terms, bookmarks and history items. All in record time.
Another novelty is that Google Chrome 15.0.874.24 Dev includes a summary window. It displays thumbnails of your most visited pages, your recent bookmarks, a history of recent searches and other elements that will help accelerate access to your favorites.

Thousands of extensions and themes
In addition, Google Chrome 15.0.874.24 Dev supports themes and extensions, which can not only customize the look of the browser, but also expand their roles with thousands of extensions available in the official directory of Google Chrome 15.0.874.24 Dev.
In short, Google Chrome 15.0.874.24 Dev is Google's web browser. A browser that includes a number of developments certainly will not leave you indifferent.

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