Samsung launches Galaxy Note

Samsung seems to be going super strong with its Galaxy line of smartphones and tablets. Since the very first Android mobile phone that they had christened as the Samsung Galaxy, every subsequent Galaxy line of devices have been a leap of innovation and marketing panacea over the previousone.Without a doubt, it was Apple that revolutionized the tablet computer segment. However, Apple’s insistence of force feeding the 10″ form factor to the consumers helped Samsung (and a few other OEMs) take advantage. Of the situation and introduce new markets of their own. 

After the 7-inch Galaxy Tab, Samsung also launched the second iteration of the Android (Honeycomb) tablet in both the 10.1-inch and 8.9-inch displays. Finally yesterday, Samsung also announced a Galaxy Tab 7.7″ and another 5.3-inch tablet (or a phone?) called the Galaxy Note.

Well, before Samsung, Dell had also launched a 5-inch phone called Streak. Unfortunately, Dell did not manage to garner much enthusiasm for that form factor and had decided to discontinue the same.
Samsung says they’ve done something different with the Note. The Galaxy Note is a new category of product, developed through Samsung’s deep consumer understanding and insight,” Samsung said. “It combines core on-the-go benefits of various mobile devices while maintaining smartphone portability to create a whole new user experience.”

One novelty with the Galaxy Note: it comes with a stylus called the S Pen.
The artistic freedom of a paper notebook is coupled with the benefits of Samsung’s smartphone technology and services, allowing users to create, edit and share with more style than ever before,” said JK Shin, president of Samsung’s mobile communications business, in a statement.

The phone comes with an app called S Memo that can store handwritten notes and drawings. It also accommodates pictures, voice recordings, and typed text.
The Galaxy Note also acts more like a tablet than a phone. In addition to multitouch pinch-to-zoom finger-based input, the aforementioned stylus, dubbed the ‘S Pen’ tucks into the bottom panel of the phone, and can be used in a variety of apps. In the Messaging App, for example, you can write on the screen, and the Galaxy Note will convert your scrawls to email or SMS messages with the aid of predictive text. In the browser, you use the pen to annotate, then capture Web pages with your notes. Input with the pen was very responsive, and as long as I wrote neatly, text conversion worked well. Besides integration with the native apps, Samsung plans to release an SDK for the S Pen so developers can write third-party apps that use it for input.

Hardware specs of the Samsung Galaxy Note include a dual-core 1.4GHz processor, a Super AMOLED screen, an 8-megapixel main camera that can record 1080p video, a 2-megapixel front-facing camera, 802.11 b/g/n support for Wi-Fi, and HSPA+ 21Mbps 850/900/1900/2100 mobile network support.

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