Google Panda – To do or Not to Do

Google Panda – To do or Not to Do - Google Panda has been one of the most talked about updates made to the search engine algorithm of Google. To a certain extent, it was long overdue. There was crap content being posted across the article directories and subsequently getting syndicated across the web's SEO funnel of blogs. If you had the mis-fortune of being a forum-administrator, then those dreadful 'profile links' could possibly still come to haunt your admin experience. User-experience did not matter as long as the backlinks were counted and credited by the Google bots. Spam became a buzzword for modern-day SEO.

And, any sane SEO professional would have known that it all had to come to an end one fine day. Lo-behold, that day actually did come.

It did take time to get the update rolled over, and the impact that it has had on the process and methodology of using the off-page optimization has been a cascading one. In fact, until this day, Panda sends shivers down the spine of many SEO professionals. Unlike the more gentle nature of the Panda, the animal we know of, Google's Panda has wreaked havoc on the content farms. And to be honest, the Panda update seems to have been running in phases, with each phase being more potent and directional in its impact than the one preceding it.

At this point of time, the question that seems to perplex the SEO professionals is whether or not to do the off-page optimization. Going by past experience and being an inherently old-school and classic-SEO guy, I think this is the time for quality off-page optimization and I have not seen a better time to do so in the past 2 years.

There are a couple of reasons why I say and strongly maintain this. First, the off-page optimization is no longer a quantity game. Yes, those article syndication techniques did work well earlier. But, if you have one quality link today, then it makes more sense and brings more value than a bunch of syndicated duplicate content or laughable and unreadable articles. If you are diligent enough, you can move search engine rankings by using a single quality link.

Now, it is a different thing as to what your time means to your business and your client's business. Quantify the time spent by you in writing sub-standard content and syndicating it across the poor blog networks, and match it up with the effort and resources spent in acquiring one good quality link. Then follow it up with the long term affect on SERP rankings, and quantify that impact as well.

Unless you wish to deny the obvious, you will have no qualms in admitting that a single link will be more potent than those useless article or profile links.

In other words, we are now looking at a new phase of organic search-engine optimization that provides more impetus to having relevant content on your website. Your website's on-page optimization should still continue to be the first-point of action. Once that is under control, the off-page optimization needs to evolve as a strategy that is focussed on 'quality' rather than 'quantity'. it is no longer a numbers game.

Forget all the link packets, automation tools and blog networks (you would know what I mean by mentioning these terms). Concentrate on writing and shaping original content and post it on sites of like-minded individuals or businesses. You will never find it better than this. Use the reach of Social Media to connect with like-minded people and the links will follow.

And also, do make sure that you keep on getting quality backlinks from quality sources. This should include good directories that are human-edited and managed, and also the good article directories that have a solid-human evaluation of the content being posted. On a similar basis, if you acquire backlinks from sources that have a touch of human-editing or human-control for certain levels of quality, then your strategy will fall in line with the goals of  the 'Panda' update. And, that is for sure, the goal to make the web a better repository of the information available across the globe.

Source: Google Panda

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