How To Using TeamViewer For Free

Remote Accessing a computer is not easy job in older days ,but for now its just need Internet connection Identification code and Password and you can easily Remote Access.But the question raise in mind how to make that thing possible,and answer is TeamViewer the most powerful application and its also free to use for personal and non-commercial environments.

Remote Accessing with TeamViewer need presence of this simple tool installed on both remote and host computer having very good and fast internet connection.Under this article I will tell you How get Remote Access using TeamViewer in Step to Step Tutorial.


1.First Of all download this free tool just by visiting Official Website Of TeamViewer.

2.When its download tap on the software you will get 2 options Run the application as a standalone or install it on your PC,its all your choice.

3.One TeamViewer is Successfully installed in your system your system will be allotted with unique Id And Password which is shown below in snapshot.

4.Now your system is complete ready host PC or connect to a client PC ,based on your need.

5.After that you have to give your unique Id and password to the remote your who is trying to access system and vice versa and you are done

6.When you are connected then select the type of activity you need the connection for - remote control, file transfer, or VPN.Click on the ‘Connect to partner’ icon and TeamViewer will connect your system to the host and ask you for the password.

Their are some other feature which you got inbuilt under this software which are discussed below:

1.You can switching sides with the host.

2.You can also send crucial commands such as locking, rebooting, etc

3.You can also view or send video feeds if webcams are installed on either side,and you can also do voice chat.

So enjoy Remote accessing on your computer and don't forget to share your experience with

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