Use Facebook In Safe Mode Or Securely

 You know How to Use Facebook in safe mode or securely if yes then you are Facebook pro but if not then no need to worry read this article carefully.

Facebook is one of best social media which is used all over the world and due to its popularity hackers are very active and try to hack user profile just for fun,so by taking that thing in mine Facebook technical team always try to add some cool feature and security to protect the valuable users who are using this website.

Now to this time Facebook come with something called availability of HTTPS/SSL all the time on the Facebook in which HTTPS means "Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer" which help you to make your account safe while you using this @ public internet access enabled places coffee shops, restaurants, airports, libraries and schools etc.

How HTTPS/SSL Works?

If you enable HTTPS mode in Facebook, that means all the data beginning from the password you type at the login page would be encrypted when it travels between the browser and the Facebook server, offer u more tight security for your stay on Facebook. HTTPS mode is not a new thing their are many other website where this is used like twitter and some other big website,A similar HTTPS/SSL mode is also optional on Gmail and Hotmail.

How to Enable Secure “HTTPS” In Facebook?

For doing this thing you have to follow steps which I'm showing below:

1.Open you "Account setting" page in Facebook then open "Account security".

2.Now you will get option "Secure browsing" HTTPS just select it,as shown below

And you are done ,so next time you Login on Facebook you will get something new in your URL i.e HTTPS.

So enjoy secure browsing on Facebook and don't forget to share you secure experience on Facebook.

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